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I have No Idea Where My Super Is?

Sounds silly right? Well no it isn’t, it is estimated that 25% of lost funds could belong to New Zealanders who have returned home to New Zealand or have left Australia. Lost superannuation can happen as easy as changing your job, having multiple jobs at one time. You might have changed your address or even your name. If a regular super fund can no longer locate your whereabouts they may transfer your super to an Eligible Roll-Over Fund.  For years Australians have been encouraged to find their lost Australian Superannuation. Now that the law changes are in place,  you can locate your “lost super” and transfer it from Australia to New Zealand - directly into your KiwiSaver account.  Once it is safely home, You will be able to keep a close eye on your savings and make sure they are working the best for you.

How Do I Get My Super Back to NZ?

In order to transfer Australian Superannuation funds back to New Zealand, you must have a  KiwiSaver account.  If you don't have one, don't worry, can help you get one.  For now all you need to do is complete the online Register and we will get the ball rolling to get your Auusie Super Funds back home to NZ. 

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